The Creators Project comes to London

Intel and Vice brought The Creators Project to London on Saturday with an sizeable collection of installations, talks, screenings and live music. I only attended for a couple of hours during the day but was totally inspired by what I saw.

The venue was the basement of Victoria house. An impressive and contemporary space teeming with some of London’s finest digital creatives. I was there primarily to see the artwork on show. Walking through Karl Sadler’s spooky forest ‘Corridor’ led me to a curious collection of digital artifacts.

UnitedVisualArtists were out in full force with a 2 great pieces. Hereafter gradually reflects the images of the participants on an LCD screen. Occasionally, past reflections are mixed with the current footage. Slipping between the past and present in this manner results in a slightly disturbing confusion, particularly when viewing your own silent actions from previous moments.

In terms of the interactive experience, Triptych, another UVA installation, undoubtedly stole the show. The piece consists of 3 large LED sculptures that react to the presence and movements of people. Approaching these ‘brooding presences’ results in a startling light show accompanied by a rumbling, visceral soundscape. I was lucky enough to have about this piece to myself for 10 minutes or so. A truly immersive and resonating experience.

Another interesting piece was [Z]ink by DSP. Here the participant is handed a fiducial marker and a pair of polarised 3D glasses. The marker is recognised by a camera and its position is translated into a network of tubes displayed on a 3D screen. This was a real treat to play with. The 3D aspect almost tricked my brain into believing that I was constructing a physical object.

Zink by DSP

Maritz Waldemeyer was exhibiting his installation By Royal Appointment. The piece is a contemporary throne that attempts to replicate the godly aura that traditionally surrounds monarchs and religious figures in medieval paintings. Upon sitting, a camera embedded in the chair analyses the colour of the participant’s clothing and projects an LED aura in an appropriate hue. The dark space and raised position of the chair combined with the lighting transforms the sitter into an imposing silhouetted figure.

By Royal Appointment

By Royal Appointment - Moritz Walermeyer


In addition to exhibiting, Moritz took part in a panel (of which I only caught the latter half) chaired by Shane Walter, the Director of onedotzero. He showed some more of his excellent light based projects. This included the LED outfits he designed for entertainers such as Bono, Mika and OK GO and fashion designers such as Hussein Chalayan. Another interesting project was the POV Sword which seemingly paints symbols in the air as a martial arts display takes place.

LED costumes of OK Go

LED costumes of OK Go - Maritz Waldermeyer

POV Sword

POV Sword - Moritz Waldermeyer

Another interesting talk was given by Chris Allen of The Light Surgeons. Chris Discussed LDN24, an installation currently set up at the Museum of London’s Sackler Hall. Described as an ‘anthropomorphic portrait of London’, it combines pre-recorded video with a generative soundscape and a huge 360 degree LED curtain of data. Twitter, YouTube and numerous RSS feeds are trawled for information which is displayed in realtime as a 30 minute film tracks a day in the life of the city. I’ll definitely be popping down for a coffee and a gander in the near future.

So all in all, a fantastic event that I would recommend to any creatively minded folk out there. I only wish I’d arrived earlier and stayed later. Still, there’s always the Sao Paulo, Seoul and Beijing events to attend. Anyway, I’m still in a freakishly inspired state of mind so I’m off to make something. See you next time…

2 Responses to “The Creators Project comes to London”

  1. 1 Jotta March 1, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    Great post! Shane Walter from onedotzero will be speaking at Remastered Events – part of the jotta Intel exhibition from March 9 – March 13. Want to go?

  2. 2 jamesalliban March 1, 2011 at 3:41 pm

    Thanks. It looks interesting. I might just pop by.

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