Cell at Audi City Beijing

I recently travelled to China to install Cell at a new media arts exhibition held at Audi City Beijing. Cell in an installation I made in collaboration with Keiichi Matsuda in 2011 that is a provocation, a comment on the commodification of identity and a vision of how we might present ourselves in the coming years (more here).

It was always our intention to change this installation over time to implement new technologies and adapt to different contexts. In this instance we decided to give the visitors the opportunity to contribute to the piece by submitting the tags. This was achieved via a web app that would present the user with one of twenty questions such as – “Where did you meet your first love?” or “What is something you couldn’t live without?”. The answer is submitted and added to the collection of tags. Whereas the original piece would allow users to adopt the role of fictional characters, the result of this version was a crowd sourced cloud of words and phrases that formed a collective identity over the course of the week long exhibition.



There were several challenges this time round. The display consisted of 2 “PowerWalls” that, when combined, consisted of 8×4 plasma screens – an overall size of 11x3m. We went with a very powerful custom PC (made by Gareth Griffiths of Uberact) as we needed to significantly increase the tag count and split the image over the 2 walls (using a DualHead2Go). We also needed the extra power as there were 5 kinects (all running from separate PCs). This allowed for up to 10 simultaneous users and meant more calculations than usual. Cell is an open source project and the code for the new iteration is available here. The piece requires openFrameworks v0.8.0 and Visual Studio Express 2012.


I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my app Konstruct (made with Juliet Alliban) was also exhibited at the event. This section was part of the AppArtAwards exhibition and was organised by the Goethe-Institut China and ZKM.

Finally, huge thanks to Audi for holding the exhibition, to ADP Projects for helping to curate the event and acting as producers in Beijing, to Keith Watson for providing some space at Level39 for testing, to Juliet Alliban for helping with the setup and to Gareth Griffiths for building the PC.

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