Lipton T.O

This was a collaboration between myself and DigitasLBi Labs Paris to help launch the T.O machine from Lipton. The end result was a digital bar set up at the Marais BHV in Paris. The idea was to build a bar that visually augmented the flavour of the tea as the user was drinking it. I was commissioned to create a series of realtime animated simulations that were inspired by flavour, story and colour of 10 of the teas.

Here is the video documentation:

And here is a short video showcasing the graphics a little more:

The animation, effects, normal calculation etc took place entirely on the GPU. This allowed me to procedurally animate scenes containing over 1 million particles/geometry points, to use a variety of shading and post processing effects (including realtime shadows), to draw to a canvas of 4920 x 2160 (4K + 1080p combined) and to maintain a solid 60fps. It all ran on an Alienware PC with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 graphics card, and, as usual, the app was programmed using C++ and openFrameworks.

Here are a few screenshots taken at various stages of the project:



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