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All good things…

There have been a few occasions recently where someone asked me how things were going at Arcade, to which I had to explain that the company was shut down over 18 months ago. Realising that I had not publicly announced this, I thought it best to do so. So here we are.

Arcade was an interdisciplinary design studio set up by myself, Keiichi Matsuda and William Coleman at the start of 2013. We worked on a series of successful projects together before disbanding mid 2014. We still collaborate and discuss projects from time to time but are now all operating separately.

In terms of my current situation, I’m back to working as a self employed visual artist / designer / coder working on a range of commercial and personal projects. I’m mainly programming abstract animation and gesture based interaction, often combining the two to make immersive, creative experiences that connect people with their environments.

Arcade – New design studio

I’m excited to announce that I have set up an interdisciplinary design studio called Arcade with Keiichi Matsuda and Will Coleman (the guys I worked on Cell with). We are mostly working on interactive installations, immersive environments, short films and mobile apps at the moment, always with a view to engage, delight, question and combine virtual and physical spaces. Check out our showreel below and our temporary web page –

We’re looking for new projects, collaborations, freelancers, interns (programmers and designers) and opportunities. Please get in touch if you are interested in any of the above.

We’ve already published our first project. The Always on Telephone Club is an idea about the future of mobile communication wrapped up as a short creative coding learning experiment. It was commissioned by Nokia for their AlphaLabs initiative. Here’s the documentation.

Feel free to pop by the studio for a cup of tea if you’re around. We’re currently based in Shoreditch.


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