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Behind the screens: Interview on the AND Project

I’m a little late in blogging about this as I’ve been very busy on a project (more on that very soon).

Filip Visnjic, Scott Snibbe and James Alliban

I was interviewed a while ago by Tyler Flynn of the A.N.D Project about mobile art. The article also included Filip Visnjic of and Scott Snibbe, creator of Bjork’s app/album Biophelia and many other wonderful pieces. It was a pleasure to be included alongside 2 such big names in this area of software art. The article – Behind the Screens: Digital Applications – is pretty extensive but definitely worth a read.

Here it is.


I’ve been busy writing lots of words over the last couple of months. I had my first magazine article published a couple of weeks ago. It was for Web Designer magazine and was on, yep you guessed it, augmented reality 🙂

Web Designer article

It’s an investigation into AR in terms of the current state of play and where we are headed. I also discuss my approach, and that of others to the technology as a platform for art and storytelling. It’s on the shelves now.

I also wrote a guest post for the Creators Project called Augmenting The Future Of Art. This is focused more on how artists are using AR and the importance of investigating the boundaries and social implications of the technology.

Thanks to Mark Billen (WD) and Kevin Holmes (CP) for the opportunity to contribute to their respective publications.

The latest

OK lots of things to mention so I thought I’d be lazy and lump them into one blog post.

String Progress

I’ve spent the last month beta testing a new iPhone tracking technology called String. I’ll leave the details for a future blog post, but I will say that it is one of, if not the fastest and most accurate mobile trackers I have seen to date. Also, importantly, there is no license fee for artists and designers wanting to experiment with and publish apps using the tech. It’s about to be released any day now. Definitely one to watch.

I’m currently experimenting with generative art in AR space using OpenGL ES. Should the app be accepted into the store, it will be included in the Square Art exhibition. The theme is Blank Canvas, which ties in freakishly well with what I have in mind.

Young Creative Council

I just had an article published on the Young Creative Council (AKA YCC London) blog. Every week they get a guest author to write about whatever they like. I used it as an opportunity to write about my work, my inspirations and my thoughts on AR in terms of the current state of play, the future and my approach to it as a platform for art. I don’t tend to use my blog as an outlet for those sorts of ramblings so it was nice to write down my thoughts on these matters for a new audience.

You can read the article here. Big thanks to Laura and Emma for sorting this out.

AR Summit

I’ve been asked to both speak at and be on the advisory board for the AR Summit. This event is penned to be the biggest augmented reality conference in the UK and is taking place in London in June. If you don’t fancy the presentations, there will be an exhibition hall showcasing the latest and greatest in the world of AR. Definitely worth a visit.

It’s a huge honour to be given this opportunity. I’m looking forward to having a say in the organisation of the event. Hopefully I can inject a creative edge into the proceedings.

Look here for other upcoming speaking engagements.

Web Designer Magazine article

I was featured in this month’s Web Designer magazine. The article is titled “Whatever happened to Augmented Reality?”. I attempt to answer this question and give my thoughts on current trends, mobile AR and the future. I’ve been informed that I also had an interview published in the iPhone special of Computer Arts Projects about my iPhone app Fracture last month. I didn’t actually manage to get a copy so if anyone has the issue and a few spare minutes I’d really appreciate a scan.

Magazine articles

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I’m proud to say that I was featured in 2 articles this month. One on Augmented reality for Brazillian magazine, Image, and a cover feature titled “Self-Marketing 3.0” for German mag, Page.

Huge thanks to Rafael Bucco and Verena Dauerer.


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