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Wiimote Powered Self Portrait Generator

This is my first experiment using the open source framework WiiFlash. It is an AIR application built using Flash in which the user can generate a Cubist self portrait by pointing a Wiimote at an Infrared light. Webcam footage is masked and layered using a variety of shapes and lines, the propeties of which can be altered using the Wiimote controls.

Click here to see the video on Vimeo
Click here to see the video on YouTube

The controls are as follows:

B adds shapes to the stage
A gives the pseudo random positioning effect
+ increases the scale of the shapes
– decreases the scale of the shapes
up/right increases the alpha of the lines
down/left decreases the alpha of the lines

The AIR app and source code will be available to download soon. You will however need a Wiimote, a bluetooth dongle, the WiiFlash server installed, a webcam and an Infrared light to use it.


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