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AS3->openFrameworks at DotBrighton


It was great to be invited to speak at DotBrighton (formerly FlashBrighton) by Flash maverick Seb Lee-Delisle. I saw this as an excellent opportunity to talk about getting started with openFrameworks from the perspective of an Actionscript developer. The session was pretty tech heavy but it went well with plenty of questions throughout and lots of positive feedback afterward.

As promised, the source code is now available here. You can also get the slideshow in PDF format here.

If you missed the talk and you’re based in or around London on 25th November, I’ll be doing it again at LFPUG. This will actually be hosted by the digital agency I work for, Skive. Also speaking that night is Filip Visnjic of so it should be an interesting evening.

****** UPDATE ******

The video of this talk has just been put online for all to enjoy:

***** EDIT *****

I should point out that there’s a bit of confusion around 18:40. Just to clear up, the main.cpp file is not part of the testApp class. It is there purely to start the program up.


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